Monday, 24 June 2013

Activities for the week - keeping the toddler tame so Mommy can rest.

Activities for the week

I need to have a fairly sedate week this week so i can recoperate. I find planning always helps me and avoids those toddler melt downs caused by boredom.

I've gathered together some activities from some of my favorite bloggers and some from pinterest.

From left to right on the picture above. Links can be found below and not by clicking on the pictures.

  •  Hopscotch - Indoor or outdoor, this will only require a little crawling around on the floor from me to draw the grid and then i can sit down while N Jumps around.

  •  Oats sensory bin - we do this alot with just the diggers and dumper trucks but i hadnt thought of adding the book like in this post

  •  We love play dough and this Sunshine playdough from Nuturestore looks fun. 

  •  Pretend Post Office play from The Imagination tree We play a variation on this where i place numbers on various peices of furniture and they become 'houses' and then N has to deliver numbered letters  to the 'houses' by matching the numbers.

  •  Sensory writing in fairy dust from the Imagination tree We have done our own version of this salt tray which is a little more boyish, bright blue with no fairies but the principle is the same.

  •  Listening activity with blocks from Who doesnt need an activity that promotes listening? I know i do. I dont have the cards mentioned in the post but you could easily draw your own.

  •  Letter squirt - I found this on Pinterest but there was no post linked to it when i tried to click through. The picture is fairly self explanatory though so i'll just write up some letters on the easel and let N loose with an empty spray bottle, i'll try to point out the letters but i'm not sure he'll want to listen when there is serious squirting to be done.

  •  Even better bubble dough from CreativePlayHouse - I've thought for a while this looks like good fun and as N loves sensory play i'm going to give it a go this week.

 Number Sponge painting - Again i found this picture on Pinterest but not linked to a post. I'll set paints set out and some sponges i bought from Wilkos a while back. Hopefully we can learn some numbers while having some fun printing.

So these are my planned activities for the week but if the weather picks up and we can go in the garden then all plans are off and i shall let N run feral!

I'd love to hear what you are up to this week.

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