Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness.

This post has been inspired by Cas @ mummyneversleeps.

I received this Danny Wallace book Random Acts of Kindness in about 2005.

This was a dark dark time for me. Deep depression, dealing with some long hidden and much ignored crap from my past and family members dropping and dying like flies did not make me a happy peep.

My OH bought me this to cheer me up. He knew that this kind of sharing the love thing really touches me.

Without going into the specifics, I've encountered my fair share of nasty crap in my 30 years (who hasn’t). So when people do things just to be nice. Well it gets me every time. I feel like the world isn't a bad place and there is hope for the human race after all.

Maybe a bit much to draw from a book about people doing simple tasks for others but it made me happy.

At the time I received this book I had retreated from the world. I was suffering from agoraphobia and as part of my 'homework' from my CBT therapist I would have to go on small trips to the local shops.

I had just about mastered this when I received this book. I decided to add a little RAOK into my tasks, cos I didn't have enough to deal with!

One of the things I tried was to take a pack of biscuits with me when I went out on one of my trips. I would build up the courage to go into a charity shop or post office, somewhere underappreciated and force myself to offer them to the staff. God only knows what they thought of the dead eyed, mumbling shaky skeleton in front of them. (Isn’t depression great for your waistline?)

I felt like a fool. I would be hyperventilating blushing, sweating. You name it! It wasn’t pretty.  But people were so grateful. So happy to get the tiniest of treats. It brightened their day and in turn it brightened mine. It made me feel good that I had made others happy and a little piece of their happiness seeped into me.

Life moved on and thankfully I recovered. I was much changed and life wasn't ever the same but I began to live again. I'm not claiming this book helped me recover, that was more to do with 20 odd weeks of therapy, high doses of drugs and a lots of will power and support but it did give me something to focus on that wasn’t all about me.

I completely forgot about Danny Wallace and his RAOK's until ......

Cas @ Mummyneversleeps posted this Post- random acts of kindness.

It brought it all back. How this little book and its acts of kindness helped me reach out to others when I felt like I was a half dead thing trapped behind layers of darkly tinted sound proofed glass. It helped me feel again.

It's so nice of Cass and so like her I might add to want to brighten others days.

It got me thinking. It had felt really good to be kind to random strangers. So I'd like to spread some love of my own.

I can't claim any poetic or artistic talents like Cass has hinted at. I am so excited to be 2nd on her list of people to receive one of her gifts of kindness. What will it be???

But I am a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen though I do say so myself. Modest i know!

So I'm thinking little nuggets of goodness maybe coming your way. Whatcha think?

I'm going to have to be mean and restrict this to the UK and to the first 5 people who comment. I'm sorry I can't stretch to the wonderful people from as far flung place who visit my blog (you have no idea how much it excites me that the stuff I write reaches so far afield) but times are tough.

So how about it?

To receive a little sweet treat from my very own kitchen all you have to do is.

Comment, share, RT or blog with a link like I have with mummyneversleeps and email me your address at the first 5 will receive some little treat, i'll decide on something suitably postable obviously.

Anyone with food allergies please let me know in the email.

Share the kindness. Spread the love. Make me believe the world is a good place.

What random acts of kindness do you do? I'd love to hear.

P xxxx

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