Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Shaving foam Marbling and a interesting sensory material

Shaving foam marbling and and Sensory play 

I've been meaning to try shaving foam marbling for a while. I'd seen some hearts for valentines day done with the technique over at the The Imagination Tree and it looked lovely. Yesterday afternoon we were at a bit if a loose end so I gathered together the stuff to do it.

It was very simple to set up. I used a largish baking tray which could fit a A4 piece of paper inside. 

I sprayed shaving foam in to it, swished it around to make it foam up and then dripped the paint on to it.

I didn't get a picture first time round of this as N thought it would be best to plunge his hands straight in and mix, mix, mix. I took a picture when we added some more paint, I'd been a bit stingy the first time round.

Once you have dripped the paint on you need to swirl it around and make it look pretty. Less is more here as the colour mingles too much If you over swirl.

Then get a piece of paper lay it on the foam, pressing it down gently all over.

Pull up at one corner till it all the paper comes away. You may need to scrape the excess foam off, do this gently to avoid ruining the pattern underneath.

I found the ideal thing to do this was a flap off a cereal box but you can use whatever.  I didn't get a picture of this stage as it was a bit tricky and messy so i hadn't got the hands.

Here are the pictures we made, i really love the result.


Leave the paintings to dry and then pat off any remaining foam with kitchen paper.

If you don't like messy play you should probably turn away now or at least take a deep breath as its going to get very messy.

I had took the paintings away to dry and N was still engrossed in plunging his hands in the foam.

 I've recently been seeing around the blogosphere lots of new sensory materials which were basically cornflour added to various different household products, shaving foam, conditioner, washing up liquid you get the gist.

I though N would like the extra squidginess but I hadn't got cornflower so I added normal flour.

He loved it! It was a really strange consistency, crumbly but smooth to the touch, like moon sand but more solid and pliable.

He asked me for some tubs so I added, a tub, spoon and large neck funnel.

He played with it independently for about another half an hour at least. Only stopping because I needed to clear his little table for his dinner. I know I'm a nasty mommy.

This foam/flour mix didn't seem like it would keep well to me so I threw it away straight afterwards but if you have tried it and it kept well please let me know. It swept up well off my laminate and left the house smelling all clean and masucline which reminded me of my husband. ( we havent told him we used his best gillette shaving foam yet so shush *finger to lip*) I'll get poundlands own next time.

Here are a few of the new sensory materials I've come across recently.

Bubble Dough from Creative Play House

Ice Cream Dough from Play Create Explore

Fake snow and many many more sensory ideas from Growing a Jewelled Rose

Hope you are having a good week?  Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy

P x

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