Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tagging along on the Creative Christmas Countdown

Its Christmas!!!!!!!

Well Nearly. The Advent begins tomorrow in most households but maybe a little bit before if you attend church.

Is your Christmas tree up yet? No mine neither, I always have this fantasy that we will gather around the tree as a family listening to carols, eating homemade mince pies and decorating it together. Actually it has never happened like that and I'm not sure it ever will but i like the idea.

To say that i am excited about Christmas this year is an understatement. Ninky is 28 months which is just a perfect age to start traditions. They understand enough to join in and think everything upon everything is magical, in our household things ranging from bin lorries to jelly worms can bring about gasps of utmost joy so imagine what reaction Christmas in going to bring about.

I fully intend to big Christmas up as much as possible but in our own way. I want Ninky to know its about more than what Santa brings you. Firstly its about Jesus as we wouldn't be celebrating if it wasn't for him. Now I'm not evangelical or anything but i do feel its important to at least recognise the church and its place in our lives at Christmas.

I also really value family, all year round but especially at this time of year. My family have had a rough year. Illness some of which is ongoing, financial worries and a lots of trying times. This Christmas i want to spend some really quality times with them.

I think one of my top priorities this time round though is to make some magical memories for Ninky and to begin some family traditions, we are woefully short on the traditions.

I am kicking off my Christmas mission of by joining in with the Creative Christmas Countdown hosted by If you haven't heard of this and you enjoy doing family centred activities then i really recommend taking a look at the above site, its a lovely idea. 24 Bloggers post an idea each which if you join up is sent to your inbox along with a supplies list. I love the activities listed and think they may become yearly favourites.

I will be trying to blog along so please drop by to see how its going.

Tomorrow is making Gingerbread Man Christmas cards so i will update you how we got on with this. I have also sorted out our Christmas books and will put them out somewhere Ninky can access to get us in the spirit.

Thanks for reading and have a great December.

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