Wednesday, 6 February 2013


This is a cry for help. I'm drowning, not in water cos lets face it i wouldn't be typing then would i silly!

I'm drowning in mess! There is stuff everywhere, EVERYWHERE! This is the view from where I'm sat at present.

From L - R An overflowing magazine rack, toys, toys, more f*****g toys, The storage boxes and ikea unit i bought to contain said toys (ha), a pile of unpaired socks, some board games waiting to be returned to my sister sat on top of 6 next catalogues only one of which doesn't need to go in the recycling.
Its getting me down, i feel overwhelmed and powerless to do anything about the constant tidal wave of toys, papers, letters etc cluttering every surface. Its getting to the stage i don't actually want people to come round.

We have friends due round on 9th Feb, this friend once whispered to me after we'd met her next door neighbour in the street that the neighbours kitchen was a mess! She had 'things' on her work surfaces she said, things? i asked. Yes, empty pop bottles and the likes.

If i only had empty pop bottles! At present on one section of my work surface there is a cereal box, an egg box, three pop bottles and two empty kitchen rolls. Waiting to go in the recycling. What are they waiting there for? Your guess is as good as mine.

The friend declared her neighbour lazy. I wondered if i was too, I've never been a clean freak but its more than just laziness. I've reached a point where i am almost paralysed, there is so much do do i cant even begin.

There has become that many steps before i get to the clean, tidy well organised house i would love that i cant even put one foot in front of the other.

For instance, the toys. To get these in order i have got to do the following.
Sort N's room out, bully his daddy into putting his crib and baby car seat in the loft, he is 2.5 for Christ sake, its been a while since we used them. This requires my husband to either ask a mate for help or overcome his fear of spiders and enclosed spaces ( not sure which is more likely). Once they are out the way i can rearrange the room to fit some of his toys in therefore freeing up space in the living room. It just sees an insurmountable task.

I also never got round to a pre Christmas sort out so not only do we have a ridiculous amount of new toys we have god knows how many old toys he never even plays with. I know the way the toys are set up isnt promoting play cos he cant find anything. I know how he feels on that front. He has too much as well, my mom regularly turning up with surprises doesn't help. 104 cars off a car boot? What child needs 104 cars!

I know I'm being pathetic, i know there are woman out there who would kill for my nice warm MESSY house, who struggle to survive. I know this is the scourge of a privileged modern, western woman. Does that make me feel any better ....NO.

I feel like I'm running to stand still. I only have so much energy, i have fibromialgia so what little energy i do have i plow into my son so he doesn't lose out.

At a time like this where I'm having a flare up there is just nothing left when it comes to housework or anything else for that matter.

I saw mumsmakelists was doing a domestic dummy makeover where each week she set herself tasks to get into good habits regarding housework like loading the dishwasher every night  and quickly cleaning the bathroom every day!

I vowed to follow along, she seemed like a kindred soul. A soul brave enough to hold up her hands and say she was messy!

It seemed ideal, small simple steps to making housework a habit.

I got about 2 days into week one.

I am just so exhausted all of the time at the minute i can barely move. My OH works long hours so he cant be expected to do it so we have reached a bit of a stalemate. I sweep daily and the surfaces are wiped throughout the day (around the pop bottles mind) Its not a dirty house, i do bits but i just cant muster the energy to get it really sorted.

Its like some strange housework related depression. I can do crafts with my son but not take the recycling out.

I'm annoying myself with this lack of motivation to do what is really a necessity.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it either, so for now i'll keep treading water. Just needed a rant.

How do you keep on top of your housework? Do you have a routine? Please tell me there is some magic trick i've been missing out on.


  1. I am just learning to feel pleased with myself if I do some things some days - if you don't do anything for several days / a week it doesn't matter. Honestly, if you saw my sitting room floor now it is strewn with toys - I have no intention of picking them up.

    When needs be in a "visitor" emergency there is always the "big bag" solution - just go round and shove everything lying around into the biggest bag you've got and hide it somewhere until they've gone :-) Alice @ MumsMakeLists xxx

  2. I try and spend 20 minutes tidying one room a day and let my little man play around my ankles whilst I sort stuff out. The house is still a tip but if I have done my 20 minutes I feel happy because that is all the time I can spare. Don't be hard on yourself and when your children are older make sure you get them to help! Popping over from 'Blow Your Own Blog Horn' x


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