Friday, 1 February 2013

Some things that i Love link up

Some Things that i Love 1/2/13

Linking up with butwhymummywhy again this week. Havent had the time or much head space to do anything for me really for a few weeks so its nice to be back. I've gone slightly retro, think i may be hankering after more simple times. Apologies for the lack of photos, my phone will no longer upload its photos on to the laptop so i'm stuck until i figure it out. This may take some time........  I've tried to include a few pictures to liven it up x

Some thing that i watched

Do you know i dont think i have watched one peice of adult telly this week. I have been doing ALOT of reading.  I tend to escape into a book when i'm stressed and my god have i been stressed this week! So its a sad state of affairs that the thing i've enjoyed most on TV this week is Show me Show me on Cbeebies. I really like this program, i love the way it promotes play. Chris is one of the few male childrens TV presenters who doesnt really annoy me. I find most either massively slimy or patronising, maybe thats just me though. It is also the perfect length for me to sit N on the bed with my Iphone, put this on Iplayer and jump in the shower. I am normally just finishing drying my hair when we have to hold up our 10 worms wiggling and say good bye.

Some thing(s) that i read

As i mentioned when i'm stressed i read. I also dont sleep so that means extra reading time. I have consumed a whooping 11 books this past week. Hardly any of which are worth reporting on, i need trash when i cant think straight so its been Amazons 77p specials for the main part. They arent all full lengh books but still thats a lots of reading.

Only two books worth mentioning. 

The Hairy Dieters cook book. Its the first one of their books i've read. I am currently loving their crumpets with honey, berries and yogurt for breakfast.

Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer: A Golden Treasury of Classic Treats  by Jane Brocket.  If like me as a child you loved Enid Blyton's classics like the Famous Five or Malory Towers, the adventures of Pippi Longstocking and  What Katy Did, then you wil love this book.

The blurb on amazon pretty much sums it up - A wonderfully nostalgic cookery book, it will take you straight back to your favourite children's books and show you how to cook the feel-good foods that feature so strongly in them. You'll find recipes for Swallows and Amazons Squashed-Fly Biscuits, the Famous Five's Gorgeous Ginger Beer, and Gloriously Sticky Marmalade Roll from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe amongst others.

I feel happy just looking at it!

You can find it here on Amazon.

Some thing that i listened to

I've been on a trip down memory lane this week due to a tweet from citygirlgonecoastal informing me that Ocean Colour Scenes, The day i caught the train was released in 1996! Now i took her to task over this because i KNEW it wasnt that long ago. But (shush, finger to lip) she was right! I am that old. I was 14 when this was released and it was my favourite song for ages. This song gives me goose bumps, it sounds of endless summers, the heedy freedom of the time.  Being with my mates giggling about boys and just having fun singing this at the top of my voice. I know it wasnt all that rose tinted back in my teens but this song makes me feel like life was just peachy. Go on join in...

You and I should ride the coast
And wind up in our favourite coats just miles away
Roll a number, write another song like
Jimmy heard the day he caught the train

in my head it now goes

Woa wooooa woa wooooa ar ar arrrrrrrrr ( sung loudly and out of tune) 

But i think i may be adding these myself : )

You can listen to it here on youtube if you want x

Something that i wore

I bought a parka this week. I LOVE parkas and i thinks its probably due to the fact that i wore them in my teens with shell toe Addias, flared jeans and teeny tiny t-shirts. I feel cool in a parka and i assure you its been a looooong time since i was even remotely cool but a girl  can dream.You can take a look at the said Parka Here  £89 to £44.50 Bargain , the site wont let me pinch a picture im afraid.

So instead....

Daria - Left to right - Trent, Jane, Daria, Quinn

Imagine Quinn's clothes (with a parka and shell toes obvs, Daria's hair (pre GHD *Shudders* ) and glasses, kinda Janes personality and a crush on Trent and you've got me as a teen lol.

Something that i can't live without.

I know its stating the obvious but this week this is my little boy. He has been struggling recently see this post with his shyness. I've been woking on it with him and yesterday he made me so proud. He spoke directly to his key worker at play group, looking her in the eye to explain that he was excited that i had found his stehescope, he even told her what it did. Then we went to the fish mongers and while in the queue he spoke to the lady in front of us when she asked him if he liked eating Fish. He does. This may not seem like much to most children but for N it is a huge step forward.

Thank you for sharing my trip down memory lane with me and please pop over to butwhymummywhy to see her post and anyone else who has linked up, its well worth it. x


  1. Oh I love this post with a big squishy hug!

    Not just because you mention me, although that is totally cool, but yay Ocean Colour Scene; was singing that earlier today BUT love the Daria reference, I WAS Daria with the flared jeans and Shell toes or Etnies, love her!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    Well done to your little boy, what a huge step for him to make!

  2. Thanks Amanda, i really enjoyed writing it. It left me feeling all warm and happy. We sooo could have been friends in our teens then : ) Currently listening to Ash 1977, the 90's revival continues.

  3. I am going to have to check that book out, do love a good read



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