Friday, 29 March 2013

Some things that i love #19

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So what have i been up to this week.

Some thing that i watched.

I enjoyed the new show 'Coming Out' this week. With great comedy actresses like Sue Perkins and Dawn French it's very funny and i loved the turn by Eastenders Dot Branning or Cotton as she will always be to me AKA June Brown.

Some thing that i read
What haven't i read this week! I am reading Honour by Elif Shafak as part of the @Britmums book club.

I'm also reading Born Wicked as part of a review for @BookAngel_Emma and then my friend has convinced me to read A touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day, the author of Bared to you, a slightly more warped 50 shades which i have point blank refused to read despite my friend begging me to as she wants someone to discuss it with. The first i recommend. The second I'm undecided on and the third you should probably avoid unless you have a thing for big brutish ware wolves, Angels, Vampires and demons. Its got it all going on. My friend loves all that stuff and has dragged me into it,  I am a little ashamed by this.

Some thing that i wore

I'm not sure if this technically counts as wearing but BIG news. I found my coral MAC blusher. I lost it a few weeks back and my face has felt pale and wane without it. I'm thinking of buying the Rimmel Apocolip in coral too. I am having a coral moment. Has anyone tried the Apocolip? I'd love to hear what you thought. 
This colour is called Apocoliptic but he shade i like is Luna

Some thing that i listed too

Does listening to Absolute 90's on my phone while doing the housework really count? I seriously need to get my music mojo back. Even Blue were sounding good to me the other day when i was watching the Big Reunion. Where has my self respect gone, Blue for Christ sake??? I blame my husband. The big girls blouse is obsessed with the Big Reunion. I think he'd go to the tour if i let him : )

Some thing that i can not live without

This week this was one of my oldest friends. We've been friends since we were 13. Oh the trouble we have got ourselves into over the years. She is a teacher now. I cant quite think about her being in charge of a class without sniggering. The fact that her class give her hell is proof of karma if ever there was one. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen i had a crap couple of days Thursday and and today. My friend was witness to the beginnings of a huge family row. It was just so nice to have someone who i didn't need to explain things to as they had been there with me through the years, knew all the back ground, all the players. Just KNEW. Didn't judge, just listened and reasoned with me in the honest no holds barred way a long term friend can.

When looking for a photo and me and Gem to add here, i came across a photo of us sitting in a park on the last day of school drinking Blue Nun from the bottle. Classy Classy girls. I decided it was probably best left out. I want to keep my friend : )

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  1. Wow, you've been reading loads! And there is nothing wrong with liking Blue - I'm a massive fan :D. I didn't know about this linky - it looks like a good one. Thank you so much for liinking up to PoCoLo and for your support :) x


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