Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Some things that i love

Its been a while but I'm joining in with the Butwhymummywhy fab linky,  'Somethings that i love' again.

Something that i read

I've mentioned before my penchant for 77p crap titles from Amazon. These are so shameful i feel I'll be disowned if i mention them here so instead I'm going to tell you what i will be reading, just as soon as it arrives. I have joined the @britmums book club and out first book is going to be Honour by Elif Shafak.

 I am also going to have a read of some of the titles suggested by @plasticrosaries from the womens prize list. I am really looking forward to reading some 'proper' books again. Ones I'll actually be proud to talk about.

Something that I've listened too

Woeful, that is what my music listening is at the moment, plain woeful. I just don't seem to have the time or inclination. This must change. A friend is doing an acoustic gig soon, I'm going to convince the other half that we should go along. Hopefully this will rekindle my love of music. I'd love to hear what other people are listening too, maybe get a bit of inspiration from that too.

Something that i watched

I really liked the episode of Call the Midwife where Chummy gave birth, i think it was only last week. I've lost tack of my days a bit. I love Miranda and think anything she does is fab. This is a complete turnaround as i hated her at first. I like this more serious side to her acting, very talented lady. I cried like a baby too which always feels a bit cleansing to me.

Something that i wore

I have barely been out the house this week with one thing and another so I'm ashamed to say so my most memorable outfit has been a lovely dark green top relegated to house wear only as it has a huge bleach stain on the tummy and some very comfy grey yoga pants. I shall try better next week.

Something that i cannot live without

This week my sister has helped me out loads. We have a difficult relationship at times. Too close for comfort if I'm honest. She is ill an awful lot with fibromialgia and depression. This means she often lets me down and i have got to the stage where i cant always rely on her. This is really sad as when she is there for me she supports me like no other person can. She just KNOWS what i need. KNOWS ME. This week she has been a star. She has had N twice and its been a life saver. I hope the support i offer her does as much.

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  1. Hey you - I hope you enjoy some of the reads!
    I just finished Honour - thought it was pretty good - xx


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