Sunday, 19 August 2012

Lazy Sunday

So Sunday's are my turn to get up, A does Saturdays I do Sundays it always been our practise so one of us gets a lie in, well in theory anyway. Today we are all very tired. A family member in hospital, Ninky's routine out the window and some very anxious sleepless nights mean my energy level are running low to say the least. So what to do that allows me to huddle over my coffee ( no tea bags in the tea canister this morning, big shock to my fragile morning brain). Playdough! I love playdough. I make my own and will post a recipe when I have time and some links to great sites. So I got the green glittery playdough out we made last week. Added some lollipop sticks, uncooked Spaghetti, buttons and we were ready to play. Ninky played really well with this with little input needed from me which was good as i wasn't really up to any despite my best efforts. This Mormon was definitely a mugging through moment but I felt good to know that at least I had the materials on hand to give him a nice creative, sensory moment.

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