Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Its all about the numbers baby

Yipeeee. My numbers are increasing.

I am very excited. You may think from my excitement that the number I'm talking about are in my bank balance. Well i can assure you those number haven't excited me in a long time.

No the number that are making me all excited are all down to the wonderful people who have read my blog today.

When i first saw that 23 people had been on today i told my two year old, he was very impressed obviously, then i called my husband to tell him and double check he hadn't been on my blog 23 times or made his team at work read it or something. Then i just grinned like a big idiot all day.

Now it may have only been 23 of you which may not seen much to some well established bloggers but to little old me it meant the world. So if you did stop by  today, whether it was by a happy accident or you actually did want to be there then thank you very much.

You made my day.

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