Friday, 28 December 2012

Somethings that i love

Some things that i love......

I first came across the blog +Morgana Butwhymummywhy on twitter @butwhymummywhy and liked what i saw so when she gave a shout out for people to join up with a linky, i thought why not.

The post was entitled as mine is above. Some things that i love and was various things that she had done and thought she would share, the categories were what she had read, watched, wore, listened, and something she couldn't live without. I thought this was a great idea, a group of like minded people sharing the good things they had enjoyed sounded right up my street.

I then had a minor panic attack!

I don't DO anything! I am a SAHM, the extent of my TV viewing some days is CBeebies. My reading a bedtime story. I wear whatever is clean.

I gave myself a little pep talk and after admitting that while my days aren't exactly rock n roll, i still had something to add so here goes.

Something i read My lovely hubby bought be The Hobbit for Christmas, it has been on my list of books i should read for some time now. The film is out shortly and i have a thing where i have to read the book before i see the film, i mentioned this to my hubby and he remembered and that's why he bought the book. I'm hoping a trip to the cinema follows. This isn't the normal genre i read so i am surprised to be enjoying it so much.

Something i watched Telly has been great this Christmas so this is a really hard one to chose. I think I'm going to go with the Miranda Christmas Special. I was a late convert to Miranda, i didn't get her at first. I love her now. Its not much that makes me laugh out load but she does.

Something i wore I have been wearing the snuggliest, comfiest ochre cable knit jumper. I love it. It hides the post Christmas pot belly and it keeps me warm in my in laws Arctic conditions living room.

Something i listened to This is a category that troubled me most. I used to go to gigs, i used to update my ipod regularly. I now don't. So with a shamed face on i admit that i have been listening to 'Childrems Christmas songs' with my 2 year old and as my 12 year old niece has been round, she has had her copy of James Arthur's CD on repeat.

Something i cannot live without This week i haven't been able to live without white Stilton and cranberries on the digestive biscuits that come in Jacobs cheese selection pack. Why, Why, Why did they stop doing packs of these singularly. As its Christmas, I'm adding another to this, Heston's Mince pies with tangerine sugar. Amazing.

Thank you for reading and my apologies for the lack of photos, my usb cable for my iphone has broken and i havent got a new one yet so i cant upload. 

Paula x

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  1. Sorry for the HUGE delay in commenting! I've finally got my hands on the PC! I usually used my ipad for blogging but it wont let me comment on blogger blogs for some reason.
    I too loved the Miranda Christmas Special. Her book is hilarious too!

    Thanks for linking up!


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