Saturday, 19 January 2013

20 ideas for playing in the snow

Playing in the snow

I love snow. I love the hush that comes over everywhere. I love looking at it, especially when its fresh and untouched. I dont really love being out in it that much though, unfortunately for me, my son does!! Here are a few ideas to liven your snow play up.

Its not very often we get snow this good round these parts so I'm going to grit my teeth and get out there. Hope you enjoy it too.

Here is my 20 ideas for Snow Play with Children

  1. Snowbears/robots/dogs etc don't be limited to plain old frosty.
  2. Snow angels
  3. Sledging
  4. Drawing in the snow with sticks, great for shapes, letters and numbers
  5. Painting the snow, wash old spray bottles out well, fill with water and food colouring and spray paint the snow.
  6. Make ice Marbles. Fill balloons with coloured water, best to keep them small so they freeze quickly. Wait till frozen, peel away balloon and you will have brightly coloured ice marbles.
  7. Snow castles, bring out the bucket and spade. Snow makes good castles if packed tightly.
  8. While the spades are out, let little ones help shovel snow off drives etc. They don't think its a chore like we do.
  9. Monster foot prints. Make cardboard monster feet, tie to kids shoes and let them stomp around the garden in them. The cardboard wont last too long but will be fun while it does. Get Kids to tell Granny that big foot has been sighted!
  10. Blow bubbles, if its cold enough they will freeze.
  11. Make a snow fort for frosty battles.
  12. Make a snow maze.
  13. Make ice decorations. Fill shallow small bowls or silicon cupcakes cases with water ( colour optional and dangle a string out of it to tie it up with later. Now place in little decorations, leaves, twigs, berries (caution with small kids) and wait till it freezes over, remove from mold by dipling in hot water breifly and hang somewhere outside.
  14. Play snow noughts and crosses
  15. Draw circles on a wall in chalk and play target practise with snow balls. (make sure no windows/anything breakable near by)
  16. Draw a line in the snow and play snow shot put, see who came throw the furthest.
  17. Play snow long jump.
  18. Make snow blocks and build a tower or igloo if you are felling adventurous.
  19. Snow ice cream, requires CLEAN SNOW! I recommend putting a clean bowl out somewhere no animals can get to it and wait for it to fill up or just be very careful when collecting freshly fallen snow. Add 1 Cup of cream, 1/2 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla, about 6 cups of snow to a bowl. Mix till like milkshake then put in a covered bowl in the snow till frozen to a soft ice cream consistency, i reckon an hour maybe but this is a wild guess and will depend on how cold it id near you. I'm in the UK so it doesn't get massively cold.. You may need to add more snow to get the right texture. I haven't tried this just heard about, so if you do try it let me know how it goes.
  20. Make some yummy hot chocolate and sit outside to enjoy it.
Remember to stay safe and wrap up warm when playing outside. Drink lots, its thirsty work keeping warm and as with everything, use common sense when following these ideas, always watch young children with things they can choke on etc.

Some of these ideas are my own, some are borrowed directy and some are inspired by others.

The two sites i have used for inspiration are

Take Care

P x

p.s Do you have elderly neighbours? Have you made sure they are ok? Do your random act of kindness. It feels good.

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