Sunday, 6 January 2013

Somethings that i love

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Somethings that i love

Linking up again with Butwhymummywhy. While  i really do love her orginal posts i love this linky for more selfish reasons too. It makes me think back on what i  did with my week.

It also makes me think about what im actualy going to do for ME in the coming week. This is something i need to work on.

But i have a little secret....Shuuush......Its my safe way of joining in with a linky, a gentle intro if you will. I dont know why i feel comfortable joining up here and not other places yet but i do. This blogging is all just so new to me, i'm taking it in little baby steps.

Something that i read.

I'm still on the hobbit, i'm honestly loving it and definatley going
to see the film when i've finished.
I didnt sleep till 4:30 night before last so i very nearly am finished.

Something that i watched.

I visit my local art gallery at least once a week, i'd like to claim this is because i am veeery cultured. I'm not! The cafe is nice, the toilets are clean and its the only decent place with baby changing faciities. We do however have a look round maybe once a month. Ninky loves all the interactive buttons, i love that the walk tires him out for a nap when we get home. Occasionally i see something that captures my attention, this weeks outing was one of those times.

I'm not sure my pictures will do this justice so i'll try to explain, which probably wont either so between the two you may get the idea.

It was a geometric inspired installation made from what appeared to be paper pyramids. As i looked on, it became lit from within, light rippled across the pyramids. Lighting first the triangular outlines then the whole shapes were bathed in a soft glow. It started white merging into the softest rose then palest blue. It was beautiful, unexpectedly etherally stunning. Just for that moment i really did feel cultured for actually 'getting' one of the installations for once!

Something that i wore.

More knitwear i'm afraid. This time a bargain (£6) i got from Asda in the sale. A lovely grey diamond textured Cardie that has a fold over collar that runs into a border which fits just over my bum, keeping me warm when sitting at bus stops. It looks oddly smart for a cardie too which makes me feel good.

Something that i listened too.

I am loving the song Black Heart by Stooshe this week. I cant get it out of my head. Loving the soulful/motowny sound.

Something i cant live without

This week i dont think i could have lived without my best friend, Ms P. To be fair i cant live without her most weeks but today, without even saying hello i walked into her house, handed her my child, let the buggy fall over and just lay down on her sofa and wimpered. I'd only walked to her house but we wont mention the fact that i needed to lie down after walking no more than a 2 miles. Without blinking an eye and while still continuing her phone conversation she got me a glass of water then a cup of tea and really just deals with my strange behaviour very well. For this alone she deserves a shout out.


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  1. Thanks for linking up again. I too have a friend like your Mrs P and wouldn't be without her. We are very lucky!
    I think I've figured out what's wrong with the badge code. For some reason the code in my side bar is wrong. Try using the one on the Some Things That I Love page. Hope that works!


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