Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The dreaded New Years Resolutions

The dreaded New Years Resolutions...................better late then never.

I should start by saying, i don't believe January is the right time for resolutions, it's hard enough to get out of bed on a nasty cold wet January morning let alone change habits or start new ones.

For me Summer when the days are bright and long is the time to make change or September when the new school term begins and the air is crisp and change is everywhere but I'm going with the norm this year.

I explained to Ninky that resolutions were kinda wishes for the new year, things he wanted to do. He is 29 months so i don't expect he really understood but he did get that i was asking him what he wanted to do more of. After some serious thought.

These are his resolutions.

  • Do more Art
  • Do more cooking, puddings only!
  • Go to spacehoopers (a local soft play warehouse)
  • Go to the park more.
I think these are really sweet. I got to work straight away on making these happen.

We made these cookies from Nuturestore. They are so easy that Ninky was able to help with all but the stirring on the stove. Older more careful children would probably be able to do that under supervision obviously.

We also made these Word of the year resolutions from Nuturestore. I explained they were words we wanted our family to be in the coming year. Again at 29 months i'm not sure what he made of this but he did love helping me to smudge the oil pastel we used and cut the edges with his favourite zig zag scissors. I haven't got any pictures of these yet but i will add them shortly.

He is off to Spacehoppers with his Auntie tomorrow morning. So three down and one to go, not bad given we are only a week in.

My resolutions are less fun.

  • I want to keep the house more tidy, i am the messiest person i know. It just seems to accumulate around me.
  • I want to loose weight. Such a cliche
  • I want to cook better family meals.
  • Have a girly night out at least quarterly.
  • Have a 'date' night weekly. (OH doesn't even like the term, let alone the concept.)
  • Do more stuff for me, Book club, Zumba (who am i kidding, zumba would kill me, but maybe a walk)
  • Finish decorating my kitchen, it needs the finishing touches, I'm planning a blackboard wall and some red accents.
Boring right?

What are your New Years Resolutions? Anything radical?

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