Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tape Resist Heart Valentine Cards

Tape Resist Heart Valentine Cards

A last minute Valentines craft that is quick and doesn't require many materials

You will need
Cards or a folded piece of card
masking tape
brushes, sponges etc if using.

We love a bit of painting. N particularly likes getting his hands messy and smearing the paint around free stylee is the method of choice.

As he gets older, he is getting more and more adamant about what he wants to make. I love that he feels confident enough to branch out on his own creatively but it can get a little frustrating when i would like a set outcome.

I really wanted to make some valentine cards for N's nannies, aunties and cousins. Not to mention a few special little ladies he likes to charm.

I wasn't sure how this was going to go because recently, if there isn't a truck involved N hasn't wanted to know.

I applied masking tape to a card in roughly a heart shape. This was harder than it looked.

I laid out some paint and a few brushes, dabber and a toilet roll shaped into a heart. I was told straight away that the toilet roll had to go. He was NOT using that! No idea why.

He used the dabber and brush for a bit then got stuck in with his hands.


He had good fun smearing the paint around. Even on the back of his hands.

We put them up to dry then i showed N ho to peel the tape away. He loved this bit.

Here are our cards.

I like the way they turned out and that no two are the same.

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