Friday, 15 March 2013

Easter inspired small world/sensory bin

I love Easter, probably not for the reasons I should being the good catholic girl that I am. *ahem*

I love the colours, the food, the crafts. I love that I generally see my much ignored cousins around this time. I love the feeling of new beginnings all around me. We like to visit the farm to see the lambs and the chicks when they come along. It's just a really lovely hopeful time of year. I also really like chocolate...alot.

I've made N a little Small world/Sensory bin so he can enjoy this time of year even when its raining outside like today.

It's very simple. Some dyed pasta and rice. Some colourful shredded paper and a few of his farm animals and happy land figures.

We played rounding up the sheep using the sheep dog. Putting the cows out to graze and feeding the baby chicks some worms.

I'll leave it out for N to go back to as he wishes.

Hope your spring is going well and you all have a wonderful Easter.

Instructions on dying pasta/rice

Add required amount of rice/pasta to a large sandwich bag.

Add colouring. I find the gel type you buy at cake decorating shops best but I have used the liquid ones you get in the supermarkets too, it just takes a bit longer to dry.

Some people use a squirt of hand sanitise gel to help the drying process along. I've never bother to be honest.

Then spread out on a tray in a fine layer to dry.

Store in an air tight container. It keeps for ages and ages.

It has multiple uses to, sensory tubs, crafts, use with play dough, thread pasta with holes in a fine motor skill practise. The list is endless.

Here is some close ups.

I hope you like it.

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  1. THIS IS SO DAMN COOL! I'm seeing lots of different sensory play stuff recently, I must admit I don't do much of it at home, but now I want rainbow coloured pasta!! :D


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